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Model: RO210041
Elmer's White PVA Glue | 118 mL | Washable and Kid Friendly | Great for Making Slime and CraftingMake glue slime that you can customize with different colorsChild friendly and washable (not for children under 3 years)No-run for clean results and perfect craftingSmooth formula creates..
Brand: Bullyland Model: 42101
Shoot SLIMY and/or water up to 7M Instantly transform water to SLIMY. Get ready for battle with TURBO POWER. 10 x Turbo Powder Sachets are Included (1x Turbo Powder makes up to 500ml of Slimy). Empty the powder into the tank and fill with lukewarm waterThe orbslimy launcher, shoots a full mile of sl..
Brand: Bullyland Model: 42106
Features:The orbslimy launcher, shoots a full mile of slime.Shoots slimy bursts of up to 25 feet.Easily washes off with water for a no mess fun environment, can be used indoor and outdoor.Shoots both water and slime, so that when you run out of slime, youll be able to recharge.Fun for both kids and ..
Brand: Addo Model: 318-26101
Open the cloud and discover super stretchy fluffy foam! It comes in 6 amazing scented colours, collect them all! Punchy Purple, Outrageous Orange, Screaming Green, Roaring Red, Blaring Blue, Power Pink..
Brand: Zuru Model: SLM-3289
This funny slime blaster can make an ideal toy for a sunny, warm day outside and comes with two sachets of slime in two colors. This powerful water gun can fire slime or water.Safety Information: Not suitable for children under 36 months2.56 x 17.72 x 11.42 inches5 years..
Brand: Zuru Model: SLM-3277
Descriptionglow in the dark slime.glittery slime.noisy slime.80g slime pot.endless slimy fun...
Brand: Zuru Model: SLM-3278
Slime from Nickelodeon is ooey gooey! This slime is perfect for a fun playtime. You can pull, stretch, squeeze and squeeze this glittering slime, it is almost impossible not to. Recommended age: from 3 years..
Brand: Zuru Model: SLM-3283-1
et ready to create your own toy! With the new Nichelodeon Slime, Kit for Making Green Slime from Sambro!Have fun creating your own Green Slime with this great kit that you only need to add water and shake for 2 minutes to get the Slime to take shape and be ready to play. In this kit you wi..
Brand: Bullyland Model: 33806
Dimensions of the product9 x 12 x 4 cm; 300 gramsEnjoyableMade for childrenIntelligence development games5-7 years..
Brand: Bullyland Model: 33805
A slippery-gooey huey friend for you – Mega stretchy and elasticThe original SLIMY made with a patented Swiss FormulaAll natural ingredientsSquish it Make cool shapes Feel its clammy ooze gloop through your fingers Stretch it Smell itPot measures 125 x 85 x 30mm – 150g..
Brand: Bullyland Model: 46085
The perfect slime Slimy-by Joker is the only slime mass made according to the patented Swiss formula, using natural ingredients. 100% non-toxic and safeThis mass is really magical It has the properties of a Newtonian fluid: it is mucus, but at the same time it spreads easily and gathers, if the mass..
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