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Brand: Hasbro Model: E8283
Bring the sequel home with the Trolls World Tour Tiny Dancers Ultimate Pack! These small collectible figures will join your Troll families for even more fun...
Brand: Hasbro Model: E9459
ANCING HAIR POPPY: With DreamWorks Trolls, it's all about the hair, and Poppy's hair seems to come to life as this interactive toy moves, talks, and encourages kids to "Just Sing"2 DIFFERENT SONGS AND 40+ PHRASES: This DreamWorks Poppy doll sings "Good Times" and "Just Sing" from the movie Trolls Wo..
Brand: Hasbro Model: E8406
This DreamWorks Trolls figure set includes 5 figures, including DreamWorks Poppy, Branch, Delta Dawn, Biggie, and Mr. DinklesIn this sequel to DreamWorks Trolls, Queen Poppy and her friends go on an epic, Trolls-tasic journey to save all musicThis toy also includes 3 pairs of sunglasses for Poppy, B..
Brand: Hasbro Model: E7721
POPPY'S BLOOMING STAGE: Kids can pretend they're putting on a show with this fun DreamWorks Trolls playset toy, featuring 4 different musical worlds from the movie DreamWorks Trolls World TourDREAMWORKS POPPY MAKES A GRAND ENTRANCE: Kids can put Poppy in the pod on top, push a button to make the pod..
Brand: Hasbro Model: E7722
Kids can imagine they're rocking out with this electric guitar toy, which plays different sounds and riffs Poppy's Rock Guitar plays two different versions of the song from the movie. Play it pop style, then push a button and play rock style. Kids can push the buttons on the neck to hear cool riff..
Brand: Hasbro Model: B6554
From the DreamWorks Animation movie, meet the Trolls! The magical, musical beings are back with tiny details and the biggest hair you've ever seen. You're going to love the Trolls Small Troll Bling Bag Figures!6-pack includes 6 individually packaged figures.Breakdown not available at this time.Pleas..
Brand: Hasbro Model: E6715
Who is more adorable than Poppy? Poppy as a toddler! This irresistibly lovable Toddler Poppy doll stands over 12 inches tall and wears a cute dress outfit that can be removed for dress-up doll play. The doll is fully poseable, and features high pile hair that girls can style with the included comb f..
Brand: Hasbro Model: E7724
DREAMWORKS TROLLS WORLD TOUR BALLOON: Inspired by the movie, this toy opens up to reveal a fun interior playset area with shower, bed, slide, and moreINCLUDES POPPY FIGURE AND ACCESSORIES: The set includes a DreamWorks Troll Poppy doll so kids can start playing right away, and 3 flowers and a slide ..
Brand: Zuru Model: 6001 Z
Collect mini versions of your favorite Trolls characters on keychains with the Zuru Trolls Blind Capsule and take them with you anywhere you goIn each capsule is a surprise Trolls figure that fits in the palm of your hand. It's tiny with exquisite details that make it so adorableTake your Trolls bud..
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