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Model: TP100097
Includes: 1 Beater 2Spatulas 1 Mixing Bowl 1 Baking Hat 1 Apron 1 cooking Glove 1 set of Jar with Lid 4 Cookies 1 Tray 1 Cupcake Tin 1 Rolling Pin 2 Bowls..
Brand: Hayati Model: TP100271
Hayati Girl - Doll Siba Fab Dress 18 inFeatures: Hayati Girl Fab Friends SibaIncludes: 18" (45.72 cm) doll, dress and pair of shoesTop fashion girl and a creative bold character but patient to always perfect to what she's doingDescription: Attractive but warm, soft, and cuddly pureness, with ..
Brand: SESAME STREET Model: TP100100
Hayati Girl Scarf & Bag Set For Doll - 6 Years & Above..
Brand: Hayati Model: TP100099
Helps enhance children's ability to focus and maintain their attention for longer periods It gives your child hours of fun play Improves eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills Crafted with elaborate art that prevents scratching or fading over time 1 sleeping bag, 1x pillow, 1 eye mask, 2 dr..
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