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Model: 74-7340
BUILD-A-BEAST CHAMELEONCHAMELEON CRAFT KIT: This animal craft kit includes 3 bags of 1oz. Model Magic, 2 bags of .5oz Model Magic, a Body Frame Skeleton, and Press Tool.TAIL REALLY MOVES: Chameleon tail wiggles and shakes, giving lifelike movement to your colorful clay creations.EASY CRAFT F..
Model: SSC184
CANAL TOYS DIY SLIME 10 PACKMAKE YOUR OWN SLIME: Create 10 trend setting DIY slimes!ENDLESS SLIME FUN: Over 100 possible combinations of colour, style & decoration!Kit includes 10 coloured slime powders & 5 decoration styles to mix & matchMixing bowl & tool provided - just add wa..
Model: SSC185
CANAL TOYS DIY SLIME 20 PACKCreate 20 unique slimes using this creative kit!EASY TO MAKE: No glue or mess required. Just add water for a 100% satisfying texture!MORE THAN 200 COMBINATIONS: includes 20 sachets of colored slime powder and 10 sachets of decorations.A non-toxic formula that compli..
Model: SSC195
CANAL TOYS FIDGET POP SLIME PACK OF 2Have fun with this trendy, sensory, anti-stress Fidget Pop Slime!Each pack comes with 2pcs of Fidget Pop Toy containing slime within.Take it everywhere with you, on the go, to play alone or with your friend.Simply push, and let it pop!With 6 styles to colle..
Model: 57-4452
CRAYOLA MODEL MAGIC 4 OZ PUCH GREYFeatures 4oz of Gray Model Magic in a single pack.You can save your creations by letting them air dry. Or reuse Model Magic anytime when you store it in an airtight container. Single packs make it easy to save unused Modeling material.This simple modeling mater..
Model: 57-4459
CRAYOLA MODEL MAGICE 4 OZ POUCH EARTH TONEModel Magic is a fun, unique, air-dry modeling material that allows kids to create keepable arts and crafts. Model Magic comes soft and pliable for easy use but permanently air dries in 24 hours without kiln firing or baking. Once dried, Model Magic can..
Model: 57-4436
CRAYOLA SINGLE PACK ORANGE 4 0ZCRAYOLA-Model Magic Clay. It is easy to use and is lightweight. Can be reused or air dried. This package contains 4oz of clay. Color: Orange. Non Toxic.Ages‎ 5+..
Model: 1375958
HTI DINO SLIME SURGEON GAME Test your nerves with the 'Dino Surgeon' game. To play spin the arrow to select a body part to remove from the patient. Be careful not to make the Dinosaur tremble with fear! If you do, you're out! The player with the most body parts at the end is the winner. Conten..
Model: 1375899
HTI DINO SLIME SURGERY (WITH SLIME)Test your nerves with this Dinosaur Surgery with the addition of slime....Poor the slime into the body tray, spin the arrow to select a body part to remove from the patient and try and work through the slime to remove it. Be careful not to make the Dino tremble..
Model: 33484-T
JOKER SLIMY NEON BRIGHTenjoy entertaining hours of fun with this neon glow slime pack with original slimy formula! this pack includes everything you need to create your own slimes with bright neon colors and glitter. kids can follow step-by-step instructions to create personalized slimes, choosin..
Model: 837849
JUGGLEEZZ BALL - GID COLOURS SERIESJuggleezz has a new cool texture and feel. It wraps into different shapes, making it fun to throw and cool to catch. Freestyle, create your own tricks and invent new ones. Juggle it, Squeeze it, Catch it... Master the JUGGLEEZZ Craze... Flexible Freestyle ..
Model: 996827
JUGGLEEZZ BALL - TIE DYE COLOURS SERIES It has a cool new texture that wraps in different shapes. - Fun to throw and cool to hold. - Extend it because of its inclination. - Full of bubbles inside. - Approximate ball size: 12 cm. - Colors may vary (sold separately)Ages 3+ ..
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