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Brand: CLEMENTONI Model: 38503
DIMENSIONS4,00 x 32,50 x 32,50 cmMODEL NUMBER38503PARTS250..
Brand: CLEMENTONI Model: 61099
Create your own PlanetariumLook at the starsApproved science museumAges 8 and upMade in Italy by Clementoni2.36 x 8.35 x 5.98 inches 8 years +..
Brand: CLEMENTONI Model: 61252
Product Description A great game to learn about human anatomy in a simple and easy way, thanks to a realistic human body skeleton to be assembled. The kit contains a jigsaw puzzle and some anatomy tables to get to know the inner organs and their functioning. Box Contains X-ray sheets with viewer, An..
Brand: CLEMENTONI Model: 61248
Includes snap buttons, plaster of paris (calcium sulfate)Fingerprint reader, sponge, blue paint finger paint (gloss black)Cardboard dials for DNA samples, Secret code2.83 x 13.78 x 10.24 inches5 years +..
Brand: CLEMENTONI Model: 61251
 Embark on an explorative journey through the Solar System. • With a 3D model of the mechanical sky, you can produce celestial motions. • Decorate the model planets using the paints and brush provided in the kit, and put together the magnificent Solar System puzzle! Space will hold no more secr..
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