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Brand: Hayati Model: TP100270
HAYATI GIRL DOLL SANDY BLUE DRESS 18INAbout this item When you look to sandy's dress you remember the beautiful night sky with its shimmering stars and dreamy thoughts The dark blue color with these soft white dots represents class & elegancy Dress 1piece, pants 1piece, shoes 1: Hayati Girl..
Brand: Hayati Model: TP100271
Hayati Girl - Doll Siba Fab Dress 18 inFeatures: Hayati Girl Fab Friends SibaIncludes: 18" (45.72 cm) doll, dress and pair of shoesTop fashion girl and a creative bold character but patient to always perfect to what she's doingDescription: Attractive but warm, soft, and cuddly pureness, with ..
Brand: Hayati Model: TP100099
Helps enhance children's ability to focus and maintain their attention for longer periods It gives your child hours of fun play Improves eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills Crafted with elaborate art that prevents scratching or fading over time 1 sleeping bag, 1x pillow, 1 eye mask, 2 dr..
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