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Brand: Discovery Model: 1423005761-T
DISCOVERY KIDS MYSTERY CRYSTALSExperience the thrill of geology as your child cracks open natural geodes in the quest for crystals. Each geode will have its own beautiful and unique crystal formation hidden withinThe kit provides you with everything you would need to have a full learning advent..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1327005591-T
GAME T-Rex FEEDING with SOUNDTEST YOUR SKILLS: Take aim with our foam blaster and see how times you can nail the target. Challenge a friend or sibling to a showdown of accuracy and see who has the best shot!FEED THE BEAST: Put the boring plain targets away and instead fire at one of history’s g..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1423004851-T
TOY CIRCUITRY ACTION EXPERIMENT  - FLOATING BALLBUILD WORKING GIZMOS AND GADGETS with the Action Circuitry Electronic Experiment Mini Set from Discovery #MINDBLOWN! All you need is this kit and 2 AA batteries (not included) to experience pure electric fun.FLOATING BALL ACTIVITY: With this ..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1423011160-T
TOY DINOSAUR CONSTRUCTION SET 90 PC.Create realistic dinosaur models using the included kid-safe powered screwdriver and screws to excite and entertain paleontologists of all ages.Reassemble 3 different types of dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus, T-Rex, and Triceratops! Each model offers a unique buildi..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1452015360-T
TOY DINOSAUR EXCAVATION JUMBO EGG 13 PC SETReveal Hidden History! The dinosaur excavation kit takes you on a journey into the ancient past, when giant creatures roamed the Earth! The complete kit includes giant dig egg, excavation tools and 10 glow-in-the-dark dinos.Dig into fun and uncover the..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1423004871-T
TOY DINOSAUR EXCAVATION KIT SKELETON 3D PUZZLEDIG UP DINOSAURS: Spark an interest in paleontology with this Fossil Skeleton Excavation Kit! Dig up the bones of a T-Rex & assemble them like 3D puzzles to create lifelike model skeletons!EXCAVATION TOOLS: Chip away at the excavation kit’s plast..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1423011220-T
TOY EARLY ENGINEERS BUILDING SET 88pc88-PIECE SET: The set consists of many different pieces for your creations, including brackets, wheels, nuts, and screws.FOR BUDDING ENGINEERS: Children will love exploring the world of engineering and using their imagination to the fullest. The simple des..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1364012000-T
TOY ELECTRONIC LEARNING BOARD ALPHABETCOMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE: The Discovery Kids Animal Alphabet Learning Board offers a comprehensive educational experience, teaching letters, spelling, numbers, and animals to children in a fun and interactive way.2 FUN & INTERACTIVE GAME MODE..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1423000781-T
TOY KIDS MODEL ENGINE KITLET YOUR CHILDREN GET HANDS ON: The Discovery #Mindblown DIY Toy Model Engine Kit! This mini replica of a classic four cycle internal combustion gasoline car engine teaches young minds all about the wonderful world of mechanical engineering in one immersive set. It's the..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1423015891-T
TOY PLANETARIUM PROJECTOR PORTABLEExplore the mysteries of the universe with our dual-function portable size planetarium projector. Go for LED lantern to fill your walls and ceiling with starlight or flip over to display galaxies, planets, and more with 24 photo slides.SPACE TRAVELLER: The overs..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1449006701-T
TOY REACTION CHAMBER ROCKETSIX EXPERIMENTS: Conduct 6 different experiments in one Rocketship! Create crazy foam, soda geysers, space lava, tornadoes, snow storms, and more!LEARN ABOUT SCIENCE: Introduce your kid to the world of science in a fun way! With this kit, they’ll learn about weather pa..
Brand: Discovery Model: 1306006421-T
TOY SPIRAL and SPIN ART STATIONThe Discovery Kids Spiral and Spin Art Station is a fun and easy-to-use art toy is perfect for kids of all ages. Simply push the button to spin the wheel and create unique and one-of-a-kind art pieces. With three different size gears, your little one can make perfe..
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