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Crackle Baff Colours 3 Pack - 30g

  • Crackle Baff makes your bath water crackles and pop with our magical popping powder! Fill your bath with water and sprinkle in the Crackle Baff. Listen as the bath water starts to Crackle and POP! It's like popping candy for your bath! Once you get in, you won't want to get out. Includes a random selection of colors. At Zimpli Kids, we design, manufacture, market and supply some of the most unique and innovative children's toy products on the market. As a young vibrant company, we are always striving to create fun new products that will safely enhance both children's and parent's experiences of playtime. All our products offer exciting, multi-sensory experiences for children. Our products aid creative, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Due to their unique textures, colors and scents

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