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SL Flamingo

SL Flamingo

Dressing doll - steffi love is a real fashion doll she loves chic clothes, trendy hairstyles, her little sister evi and, of course, her friend kevin girls can style and dress their doll in current fashion trends

With fur jacket - steffi can also put on a soft pink fur jacket with the sunglasses and the handbag, she is ready for her big appearance

With flamingo skirt - steffi wears a fashionable outfit consisting of dress with silver glitter top and pink and white striped skirt in addition, she can attach a transparent pink overskirt with flamingo print and make her outfit a real eye-catcher

With glitter strands - steffi loves unusual hairstyles and has An ideal pink glitter strand in the hair steffi love flamingo is 29 cm

Product Dimensions: 1.97 x 7.09 x 12.8 inches

Ages 3+

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